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CTIAI 21.5“ Temperature reading + MASK detection + hand washing terminal + Digital Sign Age & IO output


This device is a door access product developed by using the latest face recognition algorithm of face masks and thermal imaging body temperature detection technology. The system supports automatic switching in 1:1 and 1: N modes. It runs in Android environment, and has the characteristics of high accuracy, high security, good stability, etc. it can complete face recognition speed and body temperature detection in seconds.

  • Temperature reading
  • Mask Detection
  • Face recognition
  • supports multi device network with central server application
  • Antibacterial cover glass
  • I/O output to connect to door and trigger electric strike
  • 5 YEARS warranty
  • Speed: Less than 1 second per scan
  • Temperature Measurement Distance: 30 ~ 50cm (1~ 1.64ft)
  • Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ±0.5°C
  • Temperature Measurement Range: 20 ~ 100°C (68 ~ 212°F)
  • Supports WiFi + Gigabit networking











1.Support face recognition with masks and complete body temperature detection at the same time;

2.The built-in low-power temperature detection module completes the detection in seconds, the detection distance is 0.5m, and the temperature measurement accuracy is ± 0.5 ℃;

3.Fast recognition speed, second level temperature detection, data recording and pushing;

4.Support external QR code scanner, ID card / IC card reader;

5.Support 1: n verification, binocular live detection in 1: n mode to prevent photo and video attacks;

6.1: N the accuracy of pattern recognition is high. When the face database is 5000, the error rate is 1 / 10000 and the pass rate is 99.85%;

7.Dynamic face detection and tracking recognition algorithm based on video stream,;

8.Support offline storage of 100000 face photos and recognition records;

9.Support on-site photo saving of face recognition;

10.Support serial port and Wiegand output

11.Support offline LAN device deployment and online HTTP transmission cloud deployment;

12.Support the light supplement at night with the cooperation of photosensitive sensor;

13.Support screen display content configuration and user-defined company name;



More Information
Manufacturer OEM CTIAI
Product Type Sanitizer Dispenser
Warranty 5 years warranty


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