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ADC-SG130 ADC-SG130 Smart Gateway Dedicated Wi-Fi for video devices


The ADC-SG130 is tabletop smart gateway designed for video surveillance products. With the ADCSG130 gateway in place, you can change internet service providers, or change wifi credentials which cause the cameras to lose connectivity (and thus cannot be accessed) using the GeoArm portal. With this device (ADC-SG130), we create a dedicated network just for the cameras. If the customer makes changes to their wifi settings, no need to send a truck, since this is plugged into their existing router so the cameras will keep working. If the customer changes their internet service provider, they need only re-plug this device into their new router.

A connection your cameras can count on

Nothing is more annoying than when your Wi-Fi security cameras stop working. The Smart Gateway gives your cameras a stable connection even when you change your router or internet service provider.

Don’t worry, it’s secure by default

This little guy was specifically designed to host security cameras and other Wi-Fi devices on security systems. You don’t have to bother making sure it’s securely set up. It comes out of the box locked down and ready to protect.

Dedicated to keeping you up and running

Running your security system on the same Wi-Fi as your TVs, laptops and mobile devices means home entertainment can intferfere with the system that’s keeping you safe. Show your security cameras you care by giving them their own dedicated network that won’t get bogged down on movie night.

Supported by Surety

The Smart Gateway helps us help you through remote troubleshooting. If your cameras go down we can help you get back up and running. Firmware updates are installed automatically so you don’t have to worry.

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