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CW180 UniView Integrated wrist temperature screening system

CW180 can realize the function of rapid temperature screening in airports, ports, high-speed railway stations, passenger transport stations, government buildings, financial institutions, hospitals, shopping malls, high-end office buildings, large industrial parks and other places with large staff turnover to effectively avoid cross-infection.
  • Automatic temperature screening, the demo video is played continuously for 24 hours
  • Accurate temperature screening
  • Support voice linkage, real-time alarm of people with fever
  • Real-time snapshot of human face during temperature screening
  • Support no mask reminder
  • Support real-time statistics of total number of temperature screening, normal and abnormal number of people
  • Support to export temperature screening data report
  • The APP can receives the alarm of abnormal body temperature, also can view the facial snapshot and temperature
  • Reduce labor costs



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Manufacturer UniView
Product Type Thermal Handhelds & Terminals


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