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EGID protect our distancing: SOCIAL DISTANCING BADGE (Unilateral1 EGID protects 2 people)

This EGID can be made available for both clients and employees.This is a discrete and easy way to ensure distancing between clients and employees. There will no longer be a need for warning or informing clients regarding a breach of proper distancing,

Your EGID easily adjusts to the physical distancing appropriate to your needs (1 meter, 4 feet, 1.5 meters, 6 feet or 2 meters). Once the proper distance is set, a breach of distancing will easily be detected by a flashing light without the need of a verbal warning.

Unilateral1 EGID protects 2 people

  • Light and compact with a magnetic clip
  • Rechargeable battery USB cable included
  • No traceabilityNo infrastructure investment required. Protects with complete confidentiality for all customers and employees.
  • No monthly fees, easy and unique purchase, without any required internet or telephone connection.
  • Customizable options: Corporate logo, small erasable white board, printed vinyl sticker, etc. 


Precise physical distancing…
within millimeters
made easy

Unlike other devices on the market, EGID is the only easy measure precise within millimeters.

 Be reassured that precision in social distancing will be automatically maintained at all time.


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Manufacturer Egid
Product Type Social Distancing & Tracking


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