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SightSensor HD - Thermal-Visible Smart Camera - Intrusion Detection


The SightSensor® HD is a dual-video smart camera that detects intruders with high accuracy and low nuisance alerts at commercial outdoor sites.

With a thermal sensor, HD color imager, video storage, automatic stabilization, LED illumination and video analytics, the SightSensor HD acts like a burglar alarm for the outdoors, helping prevent crime, theft and business disruptions.

By offering outstanding detection reliability in a cost-effective package, SightSensor HD is also an excellent solution for remote video monitoring applications.







Features Benefits
Analytics detects, rejects and validates in real-time Higher detection perfomance and lower false alarms
Thermal and visible sensors in one device Reliable daytime and nighttime security
Tight integration with VMS & alarm automation Works seamlessly with existing systems
Onboard video storage Retrieve stored thermal and visible alarm clips
Automatic video stabilization Reliable detection in the presence of wind, vibrations


Engineered for Performance


SightSensor HD covers more area using fewer cameras, giving you better security at a lower cost than using visible cameras. With the highest detection reliability and very low nuisance alerts, you can secure more sites more effectively without adding staff or resources.

A Total Outdoor Intruder Detection Solution

The SightSensor HD smart thermal camera is available in several models that detect inbound targets from 42 meters (140 feet), 75 meters (245 feet) and 80 meters (260 feet), and crossfield targets 84 meters (276 feet), 150 meters (492 feet) and 160 meters (525 feet), offering narrow and wide-area fields of view. Integrated NIR illumination eliminates the cost of external lighting. Both thermal and color video streams are viewable through a wide range of third-party VMS systems.

SightLogix system features include:

Omnicast Sightlogix screenshot
SightLogix SightTracker
  •  A high degree of on-board image processing provides increased detection accuracy in outdoor environments, remarkably clear thermal images, and extended detection range.
  • Contrast Image Enhancement Technology shows crisp, clear thermal image detail, 24 hours/day, during all seasons.
  • On-board electronic image stabilization eliminates video shake induced by wind and machinery (trains, airplanes, construction equipment) to eliminate nuisance alarms.
  • GPS-based analytics accurately filter objects based on size and velocity while providing situational awareness.
  • The system detects small objects and movements around the perimeter related to environmental conditions such as leaves, shadows from clouds, wind-blown objects, to reduce nuisance alarms.
  • The system provides real-time display of detected targets on geo-positioned topology map.
  • NEMA4X enclosure withstands outdoor elements (rain, snow, humidity, sand, temperature extremes) for extended life.


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Manufacturer SightLogix
Product Type Thermal Cameras


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