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Storm+ STOP&GO Customer Flow Control System and Thermal by Inaxsys (VMS software - flow control - 2x Facial recognition licences)


Keep track of how many customers enter and exit your store with our Customer Flow Control System. For merchants, this allows them to plan their staff schedules accordingly. Furthermore, if the maximum quantity of customers authorized in the store has not reached its limit, a green light will welcome customers and invite them in. On the other hand, if the light is red the customer will have to wait before entering. This will allow him to be informed of the procedures to follow before entering the store. This is only a parcel of what this software can do. Contact your sales representative now for more information

Each entrance requires the installation of cameras to keep track of how many customers enter and exit the store.

When the quantity of customers has reached a pre-set limit, the display showing a RED ‘’stop’’ light will be shown on the monitor outside of the entrance to notify customers to remain in line outside.

If the quantity of customers has not reached the limit, the display shows a GREEN ‘’GO’’ light welcoming the customer into the store, at the same time, the display shows how many customers can enter.


people counting

people coucnting


people counting





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